Gurgaon is not perfect.

If you live here then you would be aware of the daily pangs of traffic, reckless crowd and the torturous hours of power cuts. Living in Gurgaon is not easy, but we get through.

This site started with the objective of – How well do you know your city?

But quickly transformed into a hub to share news and a portal where fellow residents can express concern, joy over the developments of the city. Even with the lack of cultural entertainment and rich, reckless brats going all over the place, it is certainly a city that eventually grows on you.

Swanky malls and high-rise apartments dot the city skyline but the interior roads are begging for a care-taker. Gurgaon is a paradox. With all the wealth and luxury it offers, the pain points are strong enough for us to complain about it not being up to the mark.

Living in Gurgaon is an attempt to catch and reflect everything you need to know about Gurgaon. If you live here, you probably need to know the places you could explore, the new event coming up or the amazing new dish at the new eatery.

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